Elements For Lifterlms

Elementor Integration for LifterLMS

Take LifterLMS to the next level with Elements For Lifterlms. A library of unique Elementor Widgets to create stunning Course and Lesson Pages.


Total Design Freedom

Create beautiful and intuitive Course and Lesson Pages with total freedom. With the library of unique Elementor Widgets for LifterLMS, your course design will stand out.

Use With Any Theme

You can use Elements For Lifterlms with any WordPress theme as long as Elementor Page Builder is Working on it. We’ve already tested it on popular theme like GeneratePress, Astra and OceanWP.

100% Compatible

Elements For Lifterlms is 100% compatible with LifterLMS add-ons like WooCommerce Integration, LifterLMS Assignments . We have tasted it with every add-on available.

Dynamic LifterLMS Widgets

Create stunning Course and Lesson Pages with amazing Widgets. All these Widgets are Dynamic. That means you don’t have to create layouts for each course pages individually. You can create a layout for one course and apply to all the other courses.

Course Widgets

Course Title

Featured Video

Featured Audio

Progress Bar

Course Info

Continue Button

Course Syllabus

Course Instructors

Pricing Table

Course Prerequisite

Course Reviews

Popup Trailer Video

Lesson Widgets

Course Title

Featured Video

Progress Bar

Lesson Navigation

Course Syllabus

Mark Complete Button

Back to Course

Take LifterLMS to the Next Level

Take LifterLMS to next level with a new set of dynamic Elementor widgets and a whole new range of design possibilities for your  Courses.

Need More Reasons?


Like Elementor, all the widgets and designs created using the LifterLMS Elements are fully responsive. You Get pixel perfect designs that are completely mobile responsive.


Elements For Lifterlms is lightweight, your website loads fast without any code bloat. We use the latest and most stable coding practices to make your site clean, efficient and Secure.

Friendly Support

All widgets are customisable to the bone. That’s why we show you what customisable options are at your fingertips. No pre-styled widgets that will keep you constrained to one look and feel.

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