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Getting Started with LifterLMS Elements

LifterLMS Elements is an addon that integrates your page builder, Elementor to LifterLMS. It offers various widgets that allows you to build stunning course and lesson layouts.

Let us take a quick tour through the plugin

1. To begin with: Let’s Install the Plugin

Installing the plugin is a matter of minutes! You can install LifterLMS Elements like any other plugin on your WordPress website. Download the plugin from our website, install it through the plugins page. You can refer to the document here to know more.

2. Let us now activate your Free 7 Days Trial…

Don’t you want to try a plugin before you buy it? Well, we understand you! That’s why we give you 7 days premium trial of our plugin for free. No credit card required. So that you can test all the features of the plugin on your website. And when you are satisfied with the plugin, then you can buy a premium license.

To activate your trial, go to this trial activation page, and follow along. You can refer to the document here to know more about activating your trial.

3. Setting up Elementor for LifterLMS Course and Lesson pages.

By default, there is not an option to edit a course/lesson page with Elementor. You will have to enable it from the Elementor settings page. Follow the steps mentioned below, to enable it.

  1. In your WP Dashboard, go to Elementor>Settings.
  2. In the first setting – Post Types, check the option of Course and Lesson.
  3. Click on the button Save Changes at the bottom of the page and done.

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