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Activating Free 7 days Trial

Don’t you want to try a plugin before you buy it?

Well, we understand you! That’s why we give you 7 days premium trial of our plugin for free. No credit card required. So that you can test all the features of the plugin on your website. And when you are satisfied with the plugin, then you can buy a premium license.

And there is no need to create a test website for the trial. You can install the plugin on your main website, and after activating your trial you can start working on your course and lesson. And when your trial is expired, all your progress will be saved until you activate your premium license and continue working again from where you left.

So let’s see how you can activate your trial.

Step 1

After installing and activating the plugin, you will be redirected to the license activation page. You don’t have a license yet, so you need to click on the Activate Free Version link on the bottom.

Step 2

After clicking the link, you will be asked to Opt-in to our security and feature updates notifications, and non-sensitive diagnostic tracking. Click the Allow and Continue button.


Step 3

Now you need to verify your email before starting the trial. So check your email account for the verification email and click on the verify link.

Step 4

Now, go back to your WP Dashboard and go to Elements for LifterLMS Setting page. And on the page, click on the Start 7 Days Free Trial button.

Step 5

And then you will be redirected to the Plans and Pricing page. Click the ACTIVATE MY FREE 7 DAYS button.

And you are done 🙂

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