Elements For LifterLMS 1.0.6 Update

Elements for LifterLMS has received a new update this month. And many new features and Elements have been added to the plugin.

Lesson Template in Elementor Pro Theme Builder

With 1.0.6 update, now you can create a global lesson template with Elementor pro Theme Builder. The Lesson option was not available in the Theme Builder before but it has been fixed in this update.

LifterLMS Lesson in Elementor pro theme builder


New Widgets

With 1.0.6 update, four new widgets have been added to the plugin.

1. Course Archive

Now you can create a beautiful course archive page with Elements for LifterLMS. The widget comes with a ton of customization options.

  • You can show course by category/categories.
  • You can use filter like all courses, enrolled courses, unenrolled courses, expired courses and more.
  • There are a lot of design options and you can customize every bit of the course archive page.

2. Course Video Popup

Course video popup is a new widget added to the plugin for the course page. By using this plugin, you can add a popup course trailer video on your course pages.

3. Lesson Advanced Video

We have put a lot of time on this widget. With this widget, you can add lesson navigation and mark complete button on the lesson video itself. The buttons are animated and have a very slick design. And you can also customize the color of the buttons to match the video player.

4. Lesson Navigation Buttons

This new widget is similar to Lesson Navigation. The difference is that this widget shows buttons instead of links.

Error Fixed

  • Mark Complete Button Align option not working.
  • Lesson Navigation last lesson alignment issue.
  • Progress Bar & Course Continue Button not showing in unenrolled courses in Elementor editor.
  • Color picker not working.
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